art direction in every instant

Working as a senior art director at Publicis Conseil, BETC, BDDP&fils... I achieved to have a big experience in art direction.
I worked throughout many years on communication plateforms for international clients like Renault, Nescafé, Axa, Orange, BNP...  but also for national clients like Air France, BMW, Air Liberté, SFR, INPES....

My campaigns recieved many awards (CdAD, Effie, Stategies, Clios, Cresta, Eurobest,  Andy Awards, Epica, Eurobest and the Cannes Lions Festival...)
I’m a passionated art director who loves to work on fresh ideas in a team with creatives, photographers and filmmakers.  

I founded with Marianne Fonferrier in 2019 the studio “Call me four eyes” to share our experience in advertising and graphic design with new clients.  

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